Hi, I am Hugo Matilla Gómez, I studied and still study computers stuff.

First thing you heard in the Software Engineering School is:
“You have chosen a path that will keep you studying all your life.”

I love to study so I feel lucky of choosing Computer Science as my field. :D

I studied in Madrid at FI-UPM, I did the Eramus Program in Berlin at TU-Berlin with a Diploma Project and an internship in the T-Labs

I worked in Madrid in Data Warehousing at Alamo Consulting and in Business Intelligence projects at Innova-TSN

I studied at home a Postgraduate in Mobile Applications Development at Fundacion UNED.

I worked in Berlin as Android Developer at Smart Mobile Factory and I am currently the main (and only one) Android Developer at Scondoo

I moved back to Spain from Berlin after traveling 2,5 months through Japan, Thailand and Indonesia.

Now I work 2 days/week from home for Scondoo, the rest of the time I study and try new stuff.

I worked in apps like:

I tried some stuff like:

  • Meteor: MeeMo A MeeMory app (Be patient, it takes some time to load)
  • Polymer in Phonegap: (sorry, no code) but I can tell you that it won’t work directly in all Android versions. I answered here and here
  • React and React Native: I really like it, but who knows how long is it going to last.
  • Jekyll and Polymer: The blog you are reading now. Under construction :)
  • Arduino: I followed the book and tutorials of Jeremy Bloom

I built some Wordpress websites:

I am now focused in:

I am reading:

I help in:

I speak:

  • Spanish
  • English
  • German
  • French… not really but I have 427EXP in Duolingo :)

I practice:

  • HapKiDo
  • Board sports like: Skateboarding, Snowboarding and Surf

More in my CV.